The preservation of Arcadia’s manor and grounds must be the first consideration of the staff in
all activities taking place on this historic property.
It is also the responsibility of our guest for seeing that visitors of the property do not park on
lawns or in other designated areas; that visitors do not wander into barns and other
restricted areas of the property; and that children be accompanied by an adult if visiting with animals on the property.

Save the Date Agreement

A deposit of $500.00 made payable to D Farm, LLC is required for us at Historic Shelby Manor to
save your special date. This deposit will be applied to the cost of your special event. If you simply
find that you need to change your date everything will be done to accommodate an optional date. .

Second Final Payment

                                 A second final payment is due 8 weeks prior to your special day. Certificate of Insurance is also to be provided at this time.

Cancellation Policy 

Guest may cancel the Event by notifying Owner in writing 160 days (5 months) or more before the   scheduled date. In such situation the guest is entitled to a refund of 50% of the Save the Date Deposit. 

If the wedding is cancelled after the Final Payment is made there is no guaranteed of a refund.

Clean up Policy

Guests are responsible for removing any personal items and decorations that they may add to the site.

Liquor on the Premises

Alcohol is allowed on the property in the designated rental areas.